Why bras are so yesterday – time to take them off

In the 1960s women were burning their bras, because they saw them as a symbol of oppression. They were on to something. After all, our innocent looking companions are what remains today of the corset. Women already got rid of the bra once, but sadly it has made a successful come-back.

How I learned that women don’t need bras

4 years ago I stumbled across this study by a French scientist, claiming that bras don’t help boobs stay perky, actually quite the opposite. According to this study that was conducted amongst women with a cup size ranging  from A to C.

lots of bras

Reading this freed me from the last doubt I had about going bra-less. Today I cannot imagine ever wearing bras again on a daily basis. At first I struggled with the feeling of my boobs moving so freely with every step I took, but my breast adjusted and I got used to it. If I wear a bralette now to go under a transparent top, I can’t wait to come home and take it off again.

no bras
The moment when you take off that bra.

When you are used to having a bra hug your chest tightly every day, you can’t imagine going without it. But once you’ve got through the transition period you will develop a whole different feeling for your body. I wasn’t aware that I had never really felt my boobs as a part of my body, when I was wearing a bra. That is problematic, why shouldn’t women feel all of their body?

So, why do women wear bras?

I realize that there is a few reasons why most women wear bras. They want their boobs to look bigger, firmer, rounder. Actually, bras shape boobs in a way so they all look the same, two round hills pressing against the fabric of a shirt. Put in simple words: they are an undercover uniform.

Another issue is the evil nipples. Female nipples are naughty, you can see them through the fabric, especially when it is cold and wet outside. For some reason I don’t quite understand why no one is supposed to see those little monsters.

no bras
No need to hide.

Free the female body

Honestly, I don’t wear bras because they are so uncomfortable and not serving any important purpose anyway. Nevertheless, it’s also a statement and causes provocation in certain social situations, but I stand a 100% behind my choice. Our bodies are all different and they are beautiful, I think not wearing a bra helps women embrace their individual shape.

No matter if you do or do not want to wear a bra, the most important thing to know is that boobs are perfect without being shaped by those two cups.   

  1. Jurek Molnar

    März 22 21:49

    Siehst du? Quirky little contradictions!


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  3. Elizabeth Drake

    April 19 14:14

    I wish I had your courage! I’m a huge fan of science, and I can see why this would be true. The body adapts. But after nursing two kids, and not being within the cup sizes in the study, I am just not brave enough.

    • Effi Lind

      April 19 16:36

      Thank you for sharing this, Elizabeth. I understand that it’s not so easy for everyone. There are some things you could try, like wearing tight tank tops underneath your clothes instead of a bra etc.

  4. carlos

    April 23 15:09

    This was a very you blog entry, and the pictures put a very wide smile on my face 😀

    • Effi Lind

      April 23 15:37

      🙂 Nice to hear that from you. I guess I talked with you about this topic quite a lot.

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