The 4 Best Life Hacks for Writers and Busy People

Organizing my time efficiently is a passion of mine. I am always searching for the best life hacks that I can incorporate into my daily routine. In this post, I will share my favorite life hacks that work for me. 

There are days, when I think that I just can’t handle my life anymore. That’s usually when my to-do-list is growing and I can’t seem to catch up. Life can be overwhelming. Especially, when you are trying to achieve many things at once. I believe that most writers will know this feeling. It’s frustrating, if you don’t find time to do the things you really care about, like writing your novel. But there are some time savers that make life a lot easier. Prepare to find some new ways of organizing your week, that will allow you to find time to breathe, even on busy days.

  1.    Prepare your Food in advance

I work full time and I don’t want to spend money on eating out every day. But in the morning, I can’t be bothered to cook, not even breakfast. What I do instead is, I chose one day a week, where I prepare a lot of food. Enough to sustain me and my boyfriend for three days. One day, I eat out and on Friday I don’t need anything. You could also choose a second day, where you prepare more food. I wouldn’t recommend to eat the food after three days. It just loses too much of it’s taste and probably isn’t so healthy anymore. I like to cook and clean on Sunday evenings. 

  1.    Split tasks by days

If you have several projects you are working on – it could be writing, Social Media and so on – this one is for you. I usually chose a day for each task, where I will not bother with anything else. For example: Monday is my novel writing day. On Tuesday I edit and on Fridays I prepare blog posts. Seperating helps me to not feel overwhelmed all the time with doing many different projects at the same time. Because I am only thinking of one at a time.

  1.    Sleep more

It might sound counterintuitive, but it actually isn’t. I make sure that I get 8 hours of sleep every night, no matter how much work is waiting for me on my desk. Even if it might be tempting sometimes to pull an allnighter. But I know that one night of bad sleep makes for a whole week of me being less productive. I just wouldn’t have the nerve to do so many things, if I didn’t allow myself to sleep enough. That’s why sleep is a basic in my productivity routine.

  1.    Avoid empty time

To me empty time is those moments that I spend doing something that does absolutely nothing for my wellbeing, my projects or my relationships. Like watching Netflix for example. It happens, especially after an exhausting day. But I try to cut those activities as much as I can and replace them with better ways of relaxation. Like reading a book/magazine, having a conversation, going for a walk or listening to music.


This was my best life hacks. Just one more thing. You need an emergency plan for times, where you feel too exhausted to do anything. I use an Ashwagandha Shake as pick-me-up. You can also drink this shake on a regular basis, if you tend to feel exhausted.

Which are your best life hacks? I would love to read about them in the comments.


Effi Lind


  1. Afik

    Mai 1 18:08

    Hey, cool life hacks!

    I must say the second one, about splitting tasks, is interesting and i’m trying to implement it as well, but I feel like it can only work for some things, not everything, especially when it comes to creative things. It is so hard to schedule a time „to be creative“. You can leave a space for it yeah, but since creative work is not really result based like „finish reading a book“, and more related to inspiration and being in a flow, timing it is extremely elusive. But I assume it’s a challenge every creative person faces and managing your time well, like in the Life hacks you offered, can leave more space for this creativity to flourish!

    My suggestion would be to work with some „to do list“ app (i use Todoist) in order to manage and schedule those tasks that preoccupy our minds most of the time, it kind of helps to ease of the stress and that overwhelming feeling of „oh I have so much to do“. If it’s organised in some system you understand it can be a big help.

    Thanks for your post I’d like to hear more of your Life ‚Hacks‘ or even ‚Tricks‘. 😛

    • Effi Lind

      Mai 1 20:37

      thank you for your input :). I like the idea of scheduling the most important things. When it comes to time management and creativity, I have my own „strategy“. Whenever something creative comes to me, I go with it. No matter where I am. Because I noticed that, if I put it off, my creative flow doesn’t work anymore. Suddenly, I have less ideas. That’s why creativity is always my priority. 🙂

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