My Morning routine – no beauty without brains

Even though I love make-up and generally getting pretty in the morning, I have always thought about how much time women spend on their looks. What will the grooming you do today be worth in twenty years? Not so much. That’s why I have come up with a different morning routine for myself that doesn’t leave me feeling that I have wasted precious lifetime on my vanity.

I enjoy spending some time getting ready for the day. Finding a look that fits my mood and putting on my make-up takes me at least 20 to 30 minutes. 30 minutes x 7 = 3,5 hours per week just for my beauty morning routine.

morning routine - mascara

A simple but satisfying morning routine

I usually sit at my make-up table with a cup of fresh ginger tea, my naked palette and my mac book in front of me. Sometimes I also light a scented candle to help me ease into the day.

While I appreciate beauty and like to look my best, I still don’t want to spend 30 minutes every single day on just decorating myself. Or as my boyfriend likes to call it: „slapping on war paint.“ To use my time in a way that provides me more satisfaction and gives me already a feeling of accomplishment in the morning, I use my beauty routine to learn something new every day.

morning routine - rouge

How I study in the morning

The morning is a great time for taking in new information, so it’s perfect for learning something new. Since I am studying Hebrew at the moment, I usually listen to some audio lessons or do exercises answering questions  in a dialogue. When I have an exam coming up, I like to record myself reading my notes and listen to those recordings in the morning. On other days, I put a course book on the table and read while I am doing my hair – go, multitasking!

morning routine - books

Things you can do while getting ready

  • Listen to an audio book
  •  Listen to a podcast or language course
  • Put some sticky notes next to your mirror to learn some new words
  • Read a book, if you like multitasking
  • Watch a documentary

Or let’s just catch em all

There is no reason us girls should spend so much time on our appearance. Our life time is precious and we should cherish it. There is space and time for beauty, yes. But if you can actually use these minutes more effectively, why not?

However, sometimes I am anti efficient and anti fast lifestyle, so I just play Pokemon on my old Gameboy Color while I am getting ready for the day. Let’s get smart and pretty together. Or, let’s just catch ‚em all, whatever you prefer. Bottom line: Yes, mornings can be fun.

morning routine - pokemon

  1. charlypriest

    März 26 18:56

    I just got here to read and see for the only reason you are hot, wink wink I’m winking!
    Lets see if you get my sense of humour

    • Effi Lind

      März 26 23:19

      Not really, to be honest. 😛

    • Jurek Molnar

      März 27 18:54

      Liebe Effi!
      Falls du dir manchmal einen Höllenhund herbei wünscht, den du lästigen Besucher online auf den Hals hetzen kannst, kann ich dir meine Dienste anbieten, für den Fall es ist dir zu mühsam. Ich rede mit dem Kerl und er verschwindet garantiert. Wenn ich mit Leuten rede gehen sie meistens ganz schnell weg. Das mach ich mit links.
      Es ist wirklich nur für den Fall. Ansonsten, wünsch ich eine gute und produktive Zeit.

    • Effi Lind

      April 2 21:33

      Lieber Jurek,
      danke für dein Angebot, aber ich nehme das einfach mal mit Humor. 😉

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