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There are some songs that accompany my life like a personal soundtrack. Some moments only become as special as they are, when you add music, almost like in a movie. An instant of unreal beauty in everyday life. Welcome to my little record store, where I share with you the music I live by and  all the recommendations are for free. 

I often work in Cafés and I like hang out with friends there. My newest discovery fits that laid back café atmosphere, it’s a special production from Israel called Shanti. This enchanting melody soothes me and puts dreamy pictures of the dessert in my head. If I need a break during the day or a song to unwind in the evening, Shanti (שאנטי) is my go to choice.

Music I live by, coffee

Feelings and Music

Music is so powerful, it can easily alter my mood. I noticed that, when I listend too much to sad songs and as a result I felt really low. For this reason, I am careful to only emphasize emotions with music that I really want to cherish.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by love and gratefulness for all the people that make my life special. Mostly these sentiments overcome me when I sit in my armchair by myself and ponder about the beautiful things that keep happening to me. This is the right moment for All of Me – John Legend.

Inspiring tunes

Music greatly influences my writing, but I feel that I have to be precise with my choice, as a song might divert my attention from the topic I want to focus on. To keep my concentration and still enjoy the stimulating energy of music, I choose low key trip hop music like Massive Attack. I find that their album Mezzanine is perfect for my work flow, the soothing beat helps me stop thinking too much and just get into a flow of creativity.

music I live by, Effi Lind

 Have an inspired day and don’t forget to tell me what music you live by.

Here you can listen to the whole spotify playlist.

  1. Thomas Faber

    März 15 8:16

    Thanks for your post. I can recommend Dexter Britain. It is the perfect sound for quiet hours when I am wondering about the world and it is also nice as background music for a good read or when I write letters. 🙂

    • Effi Lind

      März 15 8:33

      Thank you, I am gonna check it out 🙂

  2. Philip Mauro

    März 15 13:41

    I appreciate your insight into the effect of music. It’s an important truth that music can easily create mental states.

    • Effi Lind

      März 15 15:36

      Thank you, Philip


      März 15 15:51

      “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
      ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    • Effi Lind

      März 15 16:09

      Great quote, I agree.

  3. Sabrina

    März 21 19:54

    „ohne musik wäre das leben ein irrtum“ – friedrich nietzsche

    true words!
    i can’t imagine my life without music. my playlist is full of songs for every kind of mood! 🙂
    thx for your list. one of my favourites are the xx (intro) and massive attack (teardrop)! very good ones! ♡♡
    i’ll also listen to the others and i’m sure i can pimp my playlist with one… two… more of your songs! 😉
    greets, sabrina

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