Interview with a Personal Stylist – Why fashion matters

I have been wondering about this for quite a while now: How important is fashion in everyday life? Of course you know the stereotype that fashion is superficial and doesn’t really matter if you aren’t a model or someone who makes money out of it. But there is so much more to it, as I discovered in the latest Village Talk.

Village Talk with Aleksandra or Why you should care about what you wear

Talking to personal stylist Aleksandra Fischer opened my eyes on so many levels. If you want to read why fashion should matter to all of us visit blogger village to read the whole interview. As usual, those interviews are in German. But don’t worry if you don’t speak German. I will soon write about the deeper meaning of fashion in English, and you’ll also find the input Aleksandra gave me in that post.

interview with a personal stylist
Aleksandra Fischer on Blogger Village

Did you like the interview with a personal stylist? I’d be glad to hear what kind of interviews you would like to read in the future.

Love from Effi xx

  1. E

    April 28 16:09

    Wish I spoke German. There is no question we live in a world where appearance matters. Dressing well can be fun, even a creative outlet, but it doesn’t have to define our worth. Does it? 😉

    • Effi Lind

      April 28 18:02

      Nothing can change a person’s worth, in my opinion. But how you dress might make other people treat you like you are worth more or less. It’s just the stereotypes attached to certain ways of dressing.

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