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It’s time to meet the bloggers

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet a very likable and inspiring blogger and I got the chance to ask her everything that I have always wanted to know about blogging. We talked about her own blog „NO ENVY by yvonne“, about how much time she spends on social media and she shared some great blogging advice and inspiration.

Craving some inspiration for your blog?

So, if you want to learn about blogging from an experienced and successful blogger, this interview is for you. Our community „blogger village“ published the whole interview on the village blog, check it out here

To my English readers: I am sorry, but this interview is in German only. 🙁  The next post will be in English again, I promise. By the way, if you have advice on blogging that has helped you, I would love to hear about it. Since I am a big fan of new beginnings (even if it’s just a new week), I wish you all a great Monday.

  1. jim

    März 27 15:24

    no problem. I just use Google Translate so I can read it.

    • Effi Lind

      März 27 15:28

      I guess Google Translate will add some humor to it. 😉

  2. Yvonne

    März 29 13:41

    It was such a pleasure, talking to you, Stephanie! Thank you for this awesome interview, you really are one of a kind: A lovely and heartfelt, curious person! Loved it so much!


    • Effi Lind

      März 29 21:48

      You are welcome <3. Actually, I want to thank you for sharing your experience and and for being so authentic.

  3. […] Most of my free time is spent on blogging at the moment. Part of it is to meet up with the girls from the Blogger Village community and plan future projects. Since I am a member of Blogger Village and I am responsible for interviewing creative people, you will find an interview on my blog once in a while. This time it’s for all the bloggers who are seeking advice and new insights on blogging. You can find the recent interview here. […]

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