Highlights of the Month – 30 days of English and Social Media

The last 30 days were really intense and I am proud of myself for finally stepping out of my comfort zone. I started writing in English and I am getting a handle on my Social Media, especially Instagram. Let’s go over the highlights of the month together. I feel that it is important to regularly revise what we are doing so we can appreciate our progress.

I love blogging and all the creative challenges that come with it. But to be honest, Instagram, Twitter and co. felt quite foreign to me because I am a very private person. It was a challenge to even share some bits of my life. After easing into Instagram for a month, it’s become more like a personal photo album to me and I enjoy going on picture hunts with my boyfriend. Check out my Instagram  and let me know about your profile, if you like. I am hungry for inspiration. 😉

highlights of the month

Brave New Bloggers

If you read last month’s blog posts, you might realize that I was having a bit of a crisis. I wasn’t sure about how to define myself as a blogger and how to find my niche. That’s why I looked for orientation on other blogs and on Instagram, but I didn’t really find a style which matches my blog. Instead, I realized that I have to give this blog my very personal face and everything else will develop with time and love for writing and sharing.

To get it off my chest, I wrote  this post that summed up my impression of the stereotypical blogger and many popular blogs.

International Women’s Day – What comes with being a woman

On the 8th of March we celebrated the International Women’s Day. So, I decided to spend some thought on what it means to be a woman. Many of us women worry so much about our looks and spend lots of money and time on it. There are millions of beauty routines out there that people share. That’s why I thought I’d throw in my own routine, which is as much about beauty as about personal growth and development. If you want to learn how to pimp your own beauty routine a bit, check it out here. I also shared with you my personal choice to not wear bras. I know this is very private, but I felt that lately this topic is being talked about more openly. Read about it in my no-bra-post.

highlights of the month

Gooey Chia and Almond Pancakes

Hungry for everyday life

In my day to day life I was very busy in March, since I have two jobs and I am also studying. I still make sure to cook as much as possible, but I usually chose recipes that are easy, healthy and fast. In addition, I am a fan of creative cooking, which means that I just try out mixing stuff together without recipe. This month’s creation was chia seed pancakes.

Most of my free time is spent on blogging at the moment. Part of it is to meet up with the girls from the Blogger Village community and plan future projects. Since I am a member of Blogger Village and I am responsible for interviewing creative people, you will find an interview on my blog once in a while. This time it’s for all the bloggers who are seeking advice and new insights on blogging. You can find the recent interview here.

I hope that April will be as full of creativity and personal growth as March was. Anyway, I will try my best to keep my spirit high and continue creating on this blog.

What were your highlights of the month?

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    James McEwan
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    Hi Effi,

    You have a beautiful site full of interesting topics to explore.

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      Effi Lind
      April 21 at 11:48

      Thank you, James. It’s nice to hear that.

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