Life is not about comfort, it’s not a quietly flowing river.

Once in a while I try to do something that I really want to try, even though I might feel insecure at the beginning.

in the comfort zone

One step further – stepping out of my comfort zone

I am leaving my comfort zone to try something new that equally frightens and excites me. This blog is going to be in English from now on. Yes, that is right. Me, the German student is leaving German behind. That sounds worse than it actually is. In reality my everyday life is much more defined by English than by German at the moment, even though I live in Austria. My boyfriend and I mostly communicate in English and I guess that is how English grew on me more and more. It came with a hunger for the big, wide world and for places where my mother tongue will not be of much use to me. Therefore I decided to take the step and just jump right into it.

Language changes your perspective

I guess I will grab some English classics next weekend to improve my feeling for this beautiful language. I have always thought that English has such a light feeling to it, it makes everything sound elegant and fluid. Whereas German is a language full of images and philosophy and for that reason I will keep writing short stories in German.

 comfort zone, relax

Why I am taking this step

  •  Because I can reach more of you and that is one thing that really matters to me. I want to connect and share interesting thoughts with as many of you as possible.
  • The world is big and English makes me feel like I am out there. Even though I am just sitting in my room, staring at the house across the street.
  • Because I don’t want to get too comfortable. Being too comfortable is not only the reason why relationships lose their fire, it’s also why life might sometimes feel a bit boring. So, challenge yourself!
  • It’s time to learn. I know my English is not perfect. Writing in English should be a good way of improving those language skills. Don’t worry about perfection. Just start and watch yourself getting better every day.

comfort zone, sky blue


Ahoi world of English! As my Czech Friend Kateřina would put it.

You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone. (Roy T. Bennett)


  1. This is my first time on your blog and this just so happens to be the first post I’m reading. I’m from Nigeria so I understand just English. Looking forward to reading more

    • Welcome, Sarah! I blogged furiously some months ago, but have taken a break. I hope you find this world of blogging as supportive as it first appears. We are thoroughly American, and yet my husband and I made an intentional decision to raise our family in a very diverse neighborhood. I taught elementary students for 20 years, and my classroom routinely included students from India, Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria—I could go on. Our differences give us something to contribute–I believe–while our commonalities make the contributions valuable. Looking forward to reading more, as well!

  2. You put many of us native English speakers to shame. I hope the language lives up to your expectations. 🙂

  3. All my best to you for this amazing journey–English. I consider my amazing journey back into my German roots. My grandfather used to say that there existed no possible translation for some things in German culture that are so inherently at the roots of…everything. We are about as American as it gets. My husband’s family is Scandinavian. We were born here. And yet, our second-generation American son can’t get enough of German philosophers–to the point of learning German fluently enough to read it as it was written–the same as you are now doing with English literature. It seems that one culture is not complete without another–and I think this is rightly so. His millennial mind is beginning to feel the inter-connectivity of humanity just as some of us older folks have recognized. We are one–but we are also constantly learning and creating together. We are all the richer for your efforts. <3 – Mira

    • Effi Lind Reply

      I am very happy to have you on my blog, Mira. When it comes to German I agree with your grandfather, it has some very unique expressions to offer, for example “Kummerspeck” or “Augenweide”. Learning new languages opens us up to the world, you are so right about that. All the best for your journey to your German roots. Effi

  4. Great. I always feel bad when I click over to a blog after someone has followed me or liked one of my posts and I can’t read their blog. I feel bad because I can’t like what I can’t read. AND I feel bad that I do not know their language. KUDOS to you for branching out.

  5. I think you have made an amazing decision. I don’t read German so your work would remain closed to me. I am amazingly lucky I speak only one language but it is a lingua franca spoken by people all over the world, that is simply wonderful! Please carry on writing in English, I look forward to reading your refreshingly different perceptions of England and the English language.

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Your comment is really encouraging, thank you! Do you have any recommendations for good English books? I would like to improve my vocabulary by reading some inspiring stories.

  6. I’m enjoyed your post and I am glad I found you. My daughter was excited because she is taking German in school and wants to read your existing posts.

  7. hey effi! i just have read some of your blog entries and i like them very much! i think your pseudonyme is also perfect for you…
    i met you last friday at oma’s teekanne and i heard you speaking english in a very relaxed and good way!
    i think foreign languages expand the personal horizon while getting to know and connecting other people!
    i have the feeling you made a good personal decision and your english posts could be your new comfort zone in next time! 🙂
    all the best for your writing and i’m looking forward reading from you soon!
    maybe we have the choice to meet offline again, it was very nice last time! fine evening, greets sabrina

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