What does it mean to be a blogger?

Lately I am feeling a conflict growing inside myself because I have been wondering, what blogging is really about. Is it sharing your real thoughts and life with the public? Or is it about representing what a blogger is expected to look like and use that look to promote yourself? I recognized that I have this cliché image of a successful blogger in my head and it looks pretty much like this:

A pretty girl wearing trendy white shoes, staring poetically to the floor.

This stereotypical bloggers’ Instagram feed displays pictures of:

  1. coffee
  2. picturesque breakfast (mostly with avocado or pretty fruit)
  3. outfits (mostly the recent trends that you have seen already in 1 million different varieties)
  4. selfies
  5. flowers in almost every picture
brave new bloggers - flowers
Flowers are so beautiful – look at them!
brave new bloggers - coffee
What an amazing cup of coffee.

Finding a role model in the blogosphere

I am relatively new to blogging, hence I wanted to learn from someone more professional. Looking at successful bloggers’ pictures and getting inspiration from their output, I tried to fit the cliché that I had formed in my head and took pictures of flowers, food and so on. But honestly, it doesn’t feel authentic.

During the last weeks, the feeling arose in me that maybe blogging isn’t for me. Because I am not so girly and I really don’t care as much about fashion and pretty pictures than about most other things. I have a passion for the quirky, for the little contradictions in this world. For raw pictures that show something interesting instead of something that is just beautiful. My favorite animals are toads, not cute bunnies or kittens.

What I want to say with this: I generally feel misplaced in this pastel-colored and superficially pretty world of blogging. Not only do I want to create authentic content that isn’t just about pretty stuff, I also want to find more bloggers who do the same.

Obviously there are many bloggers who differ from the stereotypical image I painted, but they don’t have a name to themselves like lifestyle or fashion bloggers. No glossy tag to put on their creative output.

A name for bloggers who don’t fit the pattern

Last week, in a blogger meeting, we were discussing the possibility of finding a name that unites bloggers who don’t fit the typical blogging-genre. We came up with indie bloggers and underblog, but no satisfying term popped up. I wonder if any of you know a name or a community that represents these thoughts.

Of course I don’t think that fashion and lifestyle bloggers cannot create unique and enriching content. Quite the opposite, there are some of them who’s post appeal to me very much. Probably people have a need for the beautiful and inspiring in that way. Anyway, I just feel that I can’t and don’t want to fit into that picture.

However, I would love it, if there was a new signature style of blogging to show up without all the white and pink, without so much coffee and with more intimate and personal stories.

It seems like this topic is pretty controversial, what do you think about it?


  1. “Anyway, I just feel that I can’t and don’t want to fit into that picture.”
    I feel you, I really do. And I’ve been going through the exact same thoughts about blogging. I only started some month ago; I never wanted to push ppl to read whatever I write. But ppl tend to like it, even tho I don’t write about super pretty things or even fashion (I am not fashionable at all!), they just enjoy how I put together words, maybe it’s not always about the topic?!
    I don’t even read a lot of blogs, so I may not say anything about blogging in general – but I do think that there are many, many of these “underbloggers” out there. The ppl who are interested in writing, not only in showing off their avocadomazing life.
    If you enjoy writing, just keep on going as long as you feel good about it.

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. It’s very comforting to hear that you had the same thoughts and found your own way.

  2. Es ist wichtig, dass du das findest, über das du schreiben willst. Wenn es nicht Mode und Essen ist, dann ist es das eben nicht. Wer braucht außerdem den millionsten Account dazu?!
    Gerade hier auf dieser Plattform solltest du du selbst sein. Nur dann wirst du es überhaupt durchhalten können.
    Nein, ich werde nicht von hunderten Leuten gelesen. Ja, ich hätte mir anfangs vielleicht mehr Erfolg vorgestellt, als die tatsächliche Anzahl an Klicks, die es auf meinem Blog gibt. Aber ich erfahre dennoch viel Positives und Gutes und Aufbauendes über die Art, wie ich schreibe, und die Themen, die ich habe. Ich glaube, deswegen bin ich fast vier Jahre lang konstant dabei geblieben.

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Du hast recht, es hat mir nicht viel gebracht, mich nach außen hin zu orientieren. An deinem Blog sehe ich diese konstante Linie. Ich hätte nur gerne einen Namen für diese Art des Bloggens, einfach weil ein Name die Dinge konkreter wirken lässt.

      • Hm, interessant, dass es mit einem Namen betitelt sein muss.
        Tatsächlich sehe ich mich selbst nicht als typische Bloggerin, obwohl es ein Blog ist und ich mehrmals in der Woche was aktuelles veröffentliche. Was genau ich bin, habe ich aber nie hinterfragt. Ich schreibe einfach nur gerne – bin ich dann ein Schreibsler? 😉

  3. I certainly feel like an Underblog (I like the name), though i may not fit there either…alas. If there is a group and you think I fit…count me in or out, whichever it is that the group decides.
    I suppose it could be like art and have an outside blogger movement.

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Exactly, it sounds like fun to me to be part of such a movement.

  4. Interesting. I don’t fit anywhere. I certainly don’t fit where I thought I would when I started blogging. But I keep going. I don’t need to be in a named category. I just post and sometimes I help someone and that is really what I want to do.

    Not sure what the topic is exactly and not sure of the controversy but I found the post interesting.

  5. Da ich nicht mal in die Gruppe hinein passe, die nicht typisch Blogger ist, aber trotzdem was dazu beitragen will:

    Mir hat der Satz “I have a passion for the quirky, for the little contradictions in this world. ” irrsinnig gut genug gefallen. Erstens ist es wunderbares Englisch und zweitens einfach eine Zeile, die ich mal zitieren werde, mit Link natürlich. (Wenn du dann noch bloggst…)
    Obwohl ich nicht in die Gruppe passe kann ich sagen: die kleinen, verquirrlten Widersprüche auch mag ich auch, ohne behaupten zu wollen, dass ich Jurek vom Stamm der Molnars aus dem hohen Nerden das auch selbst zustande bringen würde oder ob sich das bei dem was ich schreibe überhaupt so feststellen lässt.
    Die “quirky little contradictions” sind jedenfalls nicht leicht aufzuspüren, manchmal sind sie auch nicht da oder müssen dir einfach zufällig ins Auge springen, aber wenn ich das vorschlagen darf: write about the quirky little contradictions. Ich hab ja überhaupt keine Ahnung von Mode und Lifestyle und Fashion und dem ganzen Zeug, aber ich kann beurteilen, wenn jemand gut schreibt. Und das tust du.

    Die Tatsache, dass das was du da findest und aufschreibst vielleicht nicht immer so ankommen könnte wie du dir das vorstellst (und in dem Metier kenne ich mich aus) ist meiner Meinung nach eher die Motivation das zu tun, als ein Hindernis. Wer Widersprüche mag, mag auch Widerspruch.
    Ob du das willst, das weiß ich natürlich nicht, aber können würdest du’s. Jedenfalls ist das meine Meinung.

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Danke für deine aufbauende Rückmeldung, lieber Jurek. Ich finde deine Worte sehr inspirierend. Es stimmt schon, es geht nicht nur ums Gefallen beim Bloggen, aber ich mache mir doch Gedanken darüber, was ich aus meinem Blog machen kann und ob ich schon einen Stil gefunden habe. Die Idee, über little contradictions zu schreiben gefällt mir, mal sehen was mein Kopf dazu ausbrütet.

  6. hey effi! i really find myself in many phrases of your last post!
    one of my favourite sentence is “i have a passion for the quirky, for the little contradictions in this world”.
    i was one of the member in our last talk in the blogger village. i was the only one without a blog, you remember? 🙂
    i was glad being there to get to know a little bit of the blogger world, their clichés, to speak with different characters who are very individual and a little bit “indie”, which i like very much and makes you all authentic and likeable.
    the talk inspired me because since this meeting there are thousands of thoughts in my mind – very personally ones, pros, cons and many questions or doubts which are consisted of these topics above.
    i still haven’t found my blogger style, i know there so many things i’m interested in.
    although i like to drink coffee, flowers and sometimes i want to look a little bit fashionable, i’m more excited of the idea to become a brave new blogger! 🙂
    nice evening, sabrina

    • Effi Lind Reply

      Dear Sabrina, of course I remember. I hope you’ll just jump into blogging and try yourself out. Join the brave new bloggers 😀

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