What is a vade mecum (German: Vademekum)?

It is a life companion for all circumstances. No, I am not talking about a human – it is a book.

Vademekum Erklärung


This blog is my vade mecum that I want to share with you, because we need each others stories, insights and knowledge.

“Sooner or later everyone invents a story of himself which he comes to accept as his life” (Max Frisch)

Although I love beautiful moments, people and things this blog is about neither of those. Instead I will share with you my love for the quirky, weird and even dark sides of life. It is a passion of mine to find places, people don’t usually go to and write about topics that might be considered a taboo. Still, I am excited to spread positive vibes. So, Vademekum is a colorful mix of all this. Feel at home, leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.


For all the German speakers, visit the German version of my blog.